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Web Design & Development, Brand Identity & Style Design
When RocketWerkz, a front-runner in the gaming industry, sought to revolutionize their digital presence, they turned to Synergy Digital. Our mission was clear: to build a website that didn’t just showcase their unique brand identity, but also create a seamless and engaging user experience that resonated with their extensive portfolio of games.

We transformed RocketWerkz's spirit into a distinct web identity.

Our team collaborated with RocketWerkz to develop a website that reflects the engaging characteristics of their games. Our approach emphasized responsiveness and ease of use, aiming to not just effectively highlight their games but also to capture the unique essence of the RocketWerkz brand. The outcome was a refined and user-friendly digital platform, designed to parallel RocketWerkz’s creativity and spirit, ensuring an intuitive user experience.

Nerds in space
Some fates are worse than death...
A spiritual descendent of classic tycoon games
Adventure into the depths

We created a custom Steam news system for their games.

Focusing on creating a solution that was both functional and aligned with RocketWerkz’s brand, the development of a bespoke automatic news system, integrated with Steam’s news feeds, was approached with careful consideration of usability and seamless integration. The goal was to provide a straightforward, efficient tool that supported RocketWerkz’s needs without complicating their existing processes while providing significant value to their community.

The result of this development was a system that consistently adds value to the RocketWerkz website. Our team created a system that displays the latest updates about their games, directly serving the audience’s desire for up-to-date info. This system streamlines the content management process for the RocketWerkz team and simultaneously ensures that players remain updated and engaged.

Mobile preview of the automatic Steam news feed system developed for RocketWerkz by Synergy Digital

“We had the pleasure of working with Synergy Digital on building a new website for RocketWerkz that not only captured our unique brand identity, but created a seamless user experience that connected players to our portfolio of games in a succinct manner.

Working in the gaming industry required a team with a creative flair, but also a strong understanding of the user base and the importance of a website that delivers results, not just looks. The Synergy Digital team embodied this, and the final product is a testament to this.

Not only was the output brilliant, but the team was super easy to work with, with great project management, easy integration with our team and systems, and regular communication that meant we could adjust timelines on the fly without blowing out the scope.

I would recommend the team at Synergy Digital to anyone. They bring a unique set of technical and customer-focused skills that deliver you a strong product without the unnecessary stress that so many external projects do.

We will definitely be working with them again in the future if another opportunity presents itself.”

– Liam Bates, Senior Marketing Manager @ RocketWerkz