Scrap Havoc

What is Scrap Havoc?

Scrap Havoc is a mayhem-fueled break-’em-up where you and up to three friends smash, bash, and trash your way through a scrap-filled world while aboard giant vehicles, machines and constructions. Fulfill your contracts and upgrade your gear to be the best salvagers in the business.

World Setting

Scrap Havoc is set in a dystopian, near-future world that is filled with junk and technological remnants of an age gone by. As a team of junkers, you and your friends trek across the world and use your specialist skills to fulfill contracts for high-profile clients.


Handling and moving junk is an integral part of Scrap Havoc’s gameplay. Some things are just too heavy to move alone in co-op, so one of the key team dynamics is working together to lift/move junk around the platform while avoiding all the horrific dangers we throw at you. One of the earliest things we’ve implemented is co-op gameplay so that we can consistently test and refine it throughout development.


As the bread and butter of Scrap Havoc, our objective is to provide electrifying break-’em-up gameplay.

You’ll have a range of tools to carve the pieces of junk you come across down to a manageable size in order to be ready for processing. With punchy sounds, visual effects, and animations, we aim to make obliterating a truck as satisfying and gratifying as possible.

Concept Art

While talking and writing certainly are necessary when discussing ideas, the sheer amount of words a picture is worth makes it perfect for bringing those ideas to life.


To support our fast-moving and engaging gameplay, we are working to create an original sound-world of both music and sound effects. Working with dynamic audio, we hope to create a living soundscape throughout each level, giving the game an audible polish to match the visuals while curating a musical identity for the game through our original compositions.

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